We do the whole process of creating urushi arts,
Growing, Collecting, Refining, and Producing lacquerware, with commitment to consistent production. Our goal is to continue and pass on this traditional craft to future generation.


Daigo Urushi, collected north area of Ibaraki Prefecture, is very high quality in the world. The trees are carefully taken care of for over 10 years in the coexistence of nature and people.

Sales of urushi lacquer

We sale pure urushi lacquer, also refining urushi made by old-tradition tools.


We make simple and timeless appearance wood base and also furniture. There are made carefully what I want to easy to use.

Woodworking class

We have woodworking class 2 days a month for beginners to advanced.


Our shop in Daigo Town, Ibaraki Prefecture named “Kijian” is new brand of “Yamizonuri”.
Kijian’s lacquerware that will be beautiful when used every day is attractive of your lifetime.