Daigo Urushi

Ibaraki Prefecture is a producing area of fine urushi lacquer.
More than 97% of the urushi in the market of japan is imported from china mainly,
only 3% is produced in japan. Out of this about 15% is produced in north area of Ibaraki Prefecture.

Appeal of Daigo Urushi

It has features of high transparency and beautiful glossy coating. So it was used for high quality lacquerware like Wajima-nuri, and for repairing of National Treasure buildings in japan.

Current situation

It is urgent to planting and growing urushi trees and the education of urushi tappers to pass on to future generation. We train young urushi tapper, during the season, we collect urushi sap and during the off-season, we produce lacquerware.

Pass on to future generation

“Kijian” is new brand of our lacquerware born in June 2010. Our efforts have just begun to continue and pass on this traditional claft and tapping to future generation.

Sales of urushi lacquer

From June to November, we collect urushi sap by using special tools to cutting horizontal into the bark. Currently most refining is done using machines. However we still refine urushi using old-traditional tools. So we make elegant lacqer gently by hand, not stressing the sap excessively.

Price list

Product Season Price
Non-filtered pure urushi 100g plastic bag June to July ¥8,470
Non-filtered pure urushi 100g plastic bag July to September ¥7,700
Pure urushi 100g tube June to July ¥10,040
Pure urushi 100g tube July to September ¥9,130
Refining urushi by hand 100g tube September to October ¥12,430
Postage   ¥520

※As of 2020

About your order

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