Commitment to woodworking

Wood is a wonderful natural material.
We shape works using planer and chisel to pay attention to the texture of grain.

Select wood

We use domestic Japanese wood, such as zelkova, chestnut, cherry, mulberry, cypress, etc. At the first, we choose logs and sawn and pile up for dry. And also do the kiln dry if necessary.

Three techniques

Sometime we use machines, sometime use traditional tools according to purpose. We shape the well dried wood using techniques such as Sashimono –joinery, Hikimono –wood turning, Kurimono –scooping.

Woodworking class

We have woodworking class 2 days a month for beginners to advanced. Please contact with Email.

You learn from the basics first such as sharpening and maintenance of tools. We will give you advice on design, technics, and painting.

Date & Time Third Saturday and Sunday in a month
Fee Admission fee / ¥10,000
Annual fee / ¥2,000
Tuition for one day / ¥6,000




2032 Kamihizawa , Hitachiomiya-shi , Ibaraki-ken 319-2511 , Japan